Sunday, January 31, 2010

more than camping

Some of us in liminal states, self-imposed, genetically predisposed (!), or socially imposed, have found space to contemplate our integration/isolation, rent-free, at the Albany bulb. A variety of ad hoc pods, encampments and fortresses provide rich data to observe spatial relations and boundary setting behavior among liminal beings. I'm not talking about the sculpture or painting there; I'm curious about the red rags and rearranged foam blocks -- the creation of physical limits when social, psychological and spiritual boundaries are in flux.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

point and shoot

More specifically, we have noted a remarkable relationship between left temporal and parietal activity during the aiming period such that quiescence or “relaxation” in this region is related to higher-quality performance.
Another place to go besides the left brain is the limbic brain. I may not be able to will myself to go there, but there are activities that engage the limbic brain. Swinging, chanting, circle dancing and aiming. Limbic brain engagement supposedly has that "in the zone" feeling that sometimes comes from drawing, too. I wonder if it is simply left-brain disengagement.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I like the way it feels while switching from plan to elevation to perspective to photograph; measuring units, rotating models, erasing chalk and applying color. A most serene state arrives via drawing. My brother had a stroke about a month ago. As in many stroke victims, the left carotid artery was compromised, and he lost some ability to find and pronounce words, along with other functions normally governed by the left brain. Many art students are aware of Betty Edwards' exercises. Temple Grandin and Jill Bolte Taylor also have stories to make us aware of the gifts of those whose brains use a different hierarchy. My brother has been ambidextrous since childhood, a hands-on problem solver, a crazy talker, god-respecting and a musician to boot. He's infamous for making folks guess what tune he's tapping out on the table. It's a comfort to think there are many unusual paths trod thru the grass of his brain that will come in handy during recovery. He and his ilk may yet rule the planet.