Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fitting in

Survival, the other end of the spectrum from Creativity, has a relationship with Resilience that compromises the body.
In my work drawing concepts for teams at different companies, I've had the opportunity to observe and participate in creative dynamics. Drawing pictures is nice. The interpersonal stuff makes it very exciting. Even if a launch fails, that hive energy begets creative, proactive attitudes. Over the years, teams spin off smaller units. Some go way outside the mothership. Resiliency is good for the body and for business. 
Sometimes, due to pressure from non-creative partners or free-floating fear, teams stop being proactive. Maybe a deep yearning for predictability, rooted in survival is speaking. A few seasons of success lend the impression that any project can be planned and executed in Excel-type fashion. That works when the spreadsheet has columns named re-frame and reality checkand cells named unknown and epiphany
Our new holy grail is the program that tidily snaps those categories on a spreadsheet. One of Resiliency’s tight friends is Creativity; both resist the matrix.