Tuesday, September 28, 2010

freehand perspective #2

In class, we reviewed a procedure for detecting the perspective orientation between a subject space and a camera. Given appropriate visual cues, a scale can be assigned with a vertical measuring line (VML). Thus, a photograph serves as a mannequin for spatial design ideas. Dress your photo with prime focus on window openings. In two separate sketches, show the same mannequin dressed in two ideas that you generated during visual note taking B.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

visual note taking B

3 variations on a single application of a window to a kitchen; watercolor

Assignment: Observe three different window styles. Take note: How deep is the wall in which the windows are set? (thumbnail section) Is the glass closer to the interior or the exterior surface? How high above the floor is the bottom of the window? (thumbnail elevation w/human figure) How is the transparency adjusted (curtains, blinds, shades, film, etc)? How is the adjustment made? Can the window be opened or closed? How? Minimal annotation is encouraged.
All VNT must include thumbnail plan & section/elevation as well as a site sketch.

freehand perspective #1

ideation sketches for menu area at a juice bar
#1 of 7 freehand perspective assignments: Take ideas from your VNT.A and apply them to the transaction area perspective sketch. Generate two variations on the transaction/signage theme. Using the skeleton perspective handed out in class, apply your ideas to the volumes in space. Additional explanatory thumbnail plan and/or section is encouraged. Keep it to pen or pencil line only. Shrink each concept down to large index card size. Make 4-6 copies of each. Bring in all the work.

Monday, September 13, 2010

visual note taking A

Observe three or more situations described as point-of-sale (POS), where a retail transaction is made. Take note: If and how is the transaction space illuminated? What type and size of surface is provided for the transaction--if any? What form does the digital component of the transaction take? (ie., paper receipt, on-line documentation, bank card access, none) Has the overall ambience around the transaction been addressed? All VNT must include a thumbnail floor plan.
Blind contour: menu board/bar/counter