Saturday, October 23, 2010

visual note taking D

rough sketch/color rendering Presidio Officers' Club
These chilly days of autumn bring allure back to the fireplace, (former real-estate bonus, now green-planet bogeyman). With a few delightful exceptions, most activities done near the fireplace at night need more illumination than simple firelight. The assignment is to find a couple hearth-like settings and see what the other light sources are besides the fire. This includes windows, sconces, lamp fixtures, ceiling fixtures...etc.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

visual note taking C

volumetric solution above, flat diagram below
illustrations ©JFMahoney, all rights reserved
Describing a technical situation volumetrically might reach a wider audience, or bring a different level of understanding to a condition. Above are two solutions to illustrate the same topic. A robust diagram saves words. It may more effectively persuade someone to adopt what might otherwise seem too complex a solution. Students: New and old technologies for screening and mitigating light or heat can be represented diagrammatically. Find types of window treatments that are specifically addressing heat gain/loss and the filtering or enhancement of light and fresh air. Sketch them, leaving space for diagrammatic arrows and annotations. Bring them to the next class.