Sunday, March 29, 2015

People in Design 5.0 - Paralines - between orthographic and perspective

western drafted elevation oblique        Japanese gyaku enkinhou visual narrative 
Some visual cultures embrace a different relationship to dimensionality. The gyaku enkinhou depictions of 3D space are like super-rich elevation obliques! I am very fond of this Japanese spatial depiction on scrolls, particularly with the device used to show interiors, fukinuki yatai, meaning blow the roof off. A scroll: what a thrilling means to unfurl an intimate story about very private figures in a highly stratified society! As early as the 10th c., such voyeuristic experiences accompanied spatially-depictive poems on scrolls and folding screens. They dwindled by the late 18th c., perhaps after heavy saturation of European linear perspective. See Suzuki Harunobu, who used fukinuki yatai, often with an isometric paraline structure in his many intimate ukiyo-e, popular 18th c. one-page poster prints.  

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